How many steps are there in the mixing process?

How many steps are there in the mixing process?

The mixing process of small mill is divided into three steps: roll, powder and turn

1. Package roll: operation process the following: the raw rubber or plastic rubber mixing, masterbatch and so on the big rock side into the mixing machine two roll gap, roller distance control in 3 -- 4 mm, rolling 3-4 minutes, before make the package of the roller, a smooth packages gap of rubber roller, at this time to remove all glue, switch to a 10-11 mm roller spacing, then put glue in refined 1 minute or so. According to the number of rollers cut off part of the residual glue, so that the end of rollers to maintain a certain amount of accumulation of glue.

2. Powder feeding: the mixer is then added in the order of the compound according to the material. The process of rolling the compound into the glue is the powder eating process

3. Double glue: With powder all listen to after eating, cast more than cut off the glue, the central cutter points at both ends, and then add the liquid softener, continue to roll, 4 to 5 minutes after being all blending, cut a volume, reduce the accumulation period, through refining the purpose is to make rubber blending evenly, further refining method for oblique cutting, and (eight knife method) after operation, play the triangle method and dao glue method (cutting) several kinds, such as more effective is the art of using saber is eight direction parallel to the roll axis 45 ° Angle cutting, about four times a week, over 3-4 minutes, after refining, again from the rollers to 4 to 5 mm, Then use the cutting method to add to turn over and smelt 2-3 times, the next piece park. Roller greenhouse controlled in material fusion sun. The whole mixing process is completed.

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