Product introduction of laboratory double-roll mill (ii)

Product introduction of laboratory double-roll mill (ii)

Model no. : 150 -- diameter size of mixing roll

Principle: the rubber package is rolled on the roller with a speed ratio of 1:1 (or the speed ratio required in the standard), rolled at a certain temperature of the roller to remove the volatile substances contained in the sample, and added additives can be made into the sample for performance testing.

Application: this experimental mixer is suitable for mixing and dispersing polymer of engineering plastics raw material and pigment masterbatch.

Main components function and interaction

Main machine part of double roll mill: the roller is supported by sliding bearings and centering bearings, which are used for gap adjustment and centering bearings for rotation. The gap is automatically controlled by the gap adjustment system driven by the motor. The speed drive device of the double roll is driven by the ac motor driven by two independent reduction gears. The fixed speed ratio can be set directly, and the adjustable speed ratio and speed can be controlled by frequency converter.

(1) emergency stop device to control stop/work of roller to achieve safety function. The electronic control system realizes the equipment control. Emergency stop is provided on both sides of the machine with a knee-cap panel, and emergency stop button is provided on the control panel. When the above emergency safety device is activated, the roller stops immediately and returns 50 mm rapidly under the hydraulic drive.

(2) electric heating temperature control machine part: two temperature control sensors are sent to the host machine to control the temperature of the front and rear two rollers respectively by connecting the thermal heat components with the host machine.

Equipment technical parameters:

1. According to the standard: GB/ t13577-2006 open type rubber mixing machine

GB 20055-2006 open type rubber refining machine safety requirements

GB/6038-2006 rubber test mix, mixing and curing equipment and operating procedures

2. The scope of roller temperature: room temperature to 300 ℃ accuracy: + / - 2 ℃ the temperature of the two rollers are individually controlled by 6 stick of fever

Temperature control: electric heating

Heating power: 6kW

Roll diameter: 150 mm

Roller finish: 10~11 grade; Hardness of 60 ~ 65 HRC

Roll width: 320mm

Working width of roller: 310mm

Handling capacity of each sample: 80 -- 1000 grams

Power of front and rear rolls: 2 X 5Kw, respectively driven by two motors independently

Roller speed range: the speed of a single roller is 2 -- 36 RPM, with adjustable control precision of 0.1 RPM

Roller spacing: 0.05 -- 8 mm control accuracy: 0.02mm

Water, electricity, gas and installation conditions:

Power supply: host 3 x 380 V / 50Hz.

Total connection power: 12kw

Water is optional

Gas --- no use

Simple steps:

1. Open the host switch and press the "start" button on the operation panel.

2. Set the temperature value under the temperature setting icon of the front roller and the rear roller. Press the "heating" button to start heating after confirmation. When the temperature is constant, the material can be added and the speed can be set under the roller speed control icon.

3. Press the "front roll turn" icon and the "back roll turn" icon. At this time, try the knee top brake, hand brake and emergency brake. After everything is normal, turn the front and back rolls, press the "double roll clamping" icon, and then put the material. If double roll gap is too large or too small, adjust two torque handles. The two handles should work at the same time. The roller clearance increases to the right and decreases to the left.

4. After mixing, cut down the material with copper tool, then press the icon of "double roll clamping", open the double roll, press the icon of "front roll turning", "back roll turning", and the icon of "heating", stop the double roll and stop the heating. Press the "start" button to turn off the control power and turn off the host power.

Daily maintenance:

1. Oil replacement: this mixer oil is hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, gear oil. The corresponding brand of gear oil is shell gear oil. Stearic acid and isopropyl alcohol are used for cleaning double rolls.

2. Periodic roller distance calibration: calibration to the range of 0.2-8mm with plug lead.

3. Illegal operation is strictly prohibited. The speed ratio of two rollers is 0-35rpm, and the range of W150PG two rollers is plus or minus 40%, which shall not exceed the maximum set range.

Safety precautions:

There are three kinds of emergency braking in this mixer. Two knee top brake, press stop brake button, red emergency brake button. It is not allowed to put the hand into the gap of double roll when the instrument is working.

2. All safety emergency braking functions must be confirmed before operation.

3. When adjusting the gap between the two rollers, make sure to rotate the two torque handles at the same time, otherwise the two rollers are not parallel and will damage the roller.

4. The rubber is volatile with toxic and harmful substances, so you should wear a respirator. Keep the test site ventilated.

5. When operating, the cuff should be tied up, and gloves are strictly prohibited to prevent the body from being caught and injured.

The above introduction is the original compilation of dongguan baolun precision testing instrument co., LTD. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source.

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