Introduction of dongguan baoer double-roller mixer/electric heating/water cooling products (1)

Introduction of dongguan baoer double-roller mixer/electric heating/water cooling products (1)

Model no. : 150 -- diameter size of mixing roll

Structure: it is composed of a main engine (including roller, speed and distance control system, electric control system, emergency safety device, etc.), an electric heat rod, a material receiving plate and a lubricating gun.

The standard frame of the equipment is stainless steel structure, and the double-bar support is stainless steel double-roller support and the fixing device on both sides of each roller.

1. Roller: SKD chromium-molybdenum alloy is adopted, the surface is treated by carburizing, chromium plating, mirror polishing and other processes, and the finish is up to grade 10~11; Hardness up to 60~65HRC, hard and anti-wear, easy to clean. After grinding heat treatment, tempering, chrome plating treatment. The special part is used for fine grinding during external grinding to ensure that the thickness of the test piece is consistent during long-term test. The roller is supported by sliding bearings and centering bearings which are used to adjust the gap between the rolls and the aligning bearings which are used for rotation.

2. Distance adjusting device: it adopts the precision helical bevel gear power saving device and the safety limit device of roller distance. Even the hardest rubber products can achieve easy rubber breaking. The roller distance display can be selected by electronic digital display or scale display. The adjustment range is 0.05-8mm. The built-in safety limit block ensures that the two rollers will not touch each other. Equipped with the lock handle for the positioning of the roller distance, which can prevent the displacement of the roller distance, so as to ensure the precision of the test piece.

3. Safety device: emergency stop is provided above the roller, and emergency stop is provided with knee top panel on both sides of the machine. When the emergency stop is triggered, the roller stops immediately and turns backward.

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