Description of working structure characteristics of small laboratory mixer

Description of working structure characteristics of small laboratory mixer

1. The whole floor plate is easy to install, the transmission mode is single shaft output to ensure high torque, and the imported bearing to reduce the friction force to ensure power saving, low noise and uniform and parallel control of glue thickness.

2. The roller is made of vanadium and titanium alloy cold cast iron, and its roll hardness (hrc50-55) is hard, wear-resistant and durable.

3. The machine adopts manual adjustment, accurate thickness control and convenient operation.

4. The machine is equipped with emergency braking, and there is an emergency switch at four corners in case of an emergency, which is convenient for multi-position braking and quick stopping of the machine.

5. The moving device adopts hard gear reducer with compact structure, high transmission efficiency and low noise.


1. The design structure is simple, simple, and easy to operate. No installation is required

There are a variety of speed and speed ratio available to choose, can meet the majority of customers different formulation, different process requirements

The frame, gland and base all adopt welding structure. After annealing and stress removal,

2. Beautiful appearance of alloy cold hard iron roller, wear resistant, long life

3. The gear reducer is of 6-pole accuracy, and the hard tooth surface grinds the tooth processing gear, with long service life and low noise

4. Perfect emergency stop setting can ensure the safe use of personnel and equipment to the maximum extent

5. Special sealing structure is designed to prevent oil leakage

6. Humanized operation height is designed to reduce the labor intensity of operators

7. Modular structure. Customers can choose a variety of structures

8. The flexible design system can meet the special design requirements of customers in the shortest time

9. The equipment is installed on an integral base, the equipment is packaged as a whole, convenient for transportation and installation.

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