Features of laboratory mixer/machine type

Features of laboratory mixer/machine type

1. The three sides of the mixer are independent, and the interlayer heating or the water-cooling pipe can meet the technical requirements of any rubber refining and plastic refining.

2. The surfaces in the internal mixer are made of highly anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials, which are hard, durable and not easy to be worn through high frequency, carburizing, tempering, hard chrome and polishing.

3. The strong aerodynamic arc pressure mound is consistent with the bottom of the pit. The pit body has excellent sealing performance, and the ore is close to the real working environment.

4. High torque speed control motor drive has spiral Angle, oval flanged mixing shaft, tangential Angle, mutually strong rotary shear, excellent mixing effect, high performance and greatly shortened cycle of plastication.

5. The tanshan electromechanical control system adopts the pure brand electric appliance, and the fully digital instrument can set and display all mixing parameters. The circuit is rationed in accordance with CE or higher standards.

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