Matters needing attention for operation of small laboratory mixer

Matters needing attention for operation of small laboratory mixer

Closed rubber mill abbreviation mill, also known as kneading mill, mainly used for rubber, plastic refining and mixing. Next, the treasure wheel instrument to tell you the laboratory mixer use matters needing attention.

1. Regularly test the insulation effect of all lines of the closed rubber training machine, and always pay attention to the warning content on the warning board of the machine.

2. When the moving parts and the inner smelting chamber are blocked, do not stick your hands or iron bars into it, but use plastic rods to handle with care.

3. Please be careful not to be scalded when contacting the high temperature parts of the closed rubber machine.

4, powder or leakage sealing ring screams, the first four loose nut evenly and then turned into some, then add some cracks in the mixer chamber rotor material oil or oil, idling of 3-5 minutes at the same time again with a hammer on the edge of the spring ring gland gently tap around a few times can, such as leakage powder also adjust the firmness of individual spring again, if the sealing ring gland and mixer chamber side panel inside the tank is very close to the population of sealing ring wear, needs to be replaced, replace the sealing ring is manual or itu our technical personnel.

5. Special attention: check the oil level and lubrication state of each gear oil, machine oil and butter before starting up the machine every day. Pay attention to that the oil level of triplex oil cup shall not be less than half.

6. When the machine fails, the machine shall be stopped in the first time, and no irrelevant personnel shall make any action without authorization, notify and wait for your company's maintenance staff to check and repair.

Compared with the laboratory mixer, the internal mixer is used to produce shear force by the regular contraction of space when the designed blade moves relative to each other. It does not need manual operation and saves labor. It can be used to deal with difficult plastic materials.

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