Control system of the laboratory plate vulcanizing machine

Control system of the laboratory plate vulcanizing machine

Plate vulcanizing machine electric heating type five wire of power supply, the system adopts three-phase machine should be reliable grounding, in order to ensure safety, into the line should not be less than 4-6 was commonly, and a peripheral circuit breaker protection. When switching power supply, turn the combination switch Q in position, and then start button SB2, oil pump motor work, flat, with the pressure, when pressure to the pressure gauge contact switched on, the oil pump motor to stop working, vulcanization machine into the state, time relay KT1 start and time in seconds, if there is a drop in the process of work (that is, to leave red black needle) and reach the green needle position, the system will be connected to the oil pump motor To fill pressure, until to the expected pressure. Can also be manually fill pressure, increases with the increasing off fill pressure. In order to achieve any midway automatically fill pressure operating time will not affect the vulcanizing machine, vulcanizing after the buzzer alarm, to remind staff to open mold. Alarm time KT1 setting, the factory set up before 10 seconds, the user can adjust themselves, or by SB1 failure alarm. If produce abnormal phenomenon, should check whether the electrical box relay is in good condition, loose or fall off, in case of emergency, press the stop button SB1, machine oil pump stop working.

Bl-6170 series plate vulcanizing machine is a vulcanizing forming equipment specially designed for rubber test sheet test at the request of customers. Customers can propose different individual demands according to their own material characteristics and test requirements. We will provide better services for you and make your work achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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