Laboratory mini double drum mixer (mixer)


The main function of u double roll mill is to make the product meet the quality and color required by customers. In order to meet the requirements of customers, the experimental results and their ratios are applied to the production line.

Application scope of u:

Mainly used in rubber and its products, plastics and its products polyolefin, PVC, thin film, profile production and polymer blend, pigments, masterbatches, stabilizers, stabilizers and other industries, its main purpose is to test the material after mixing, its physical property changes and contrast. For example: color dispersibility, light transmittance, gloss of material surface, strength, plasticity, hardness, etc.

U is suitable for factory acceptance of raw materials of suppliers, comparison of similar products, and development of new products by research and development departments of colleges and universities. For reference before mass production.

Specification parameters:

1. Mixing capacity: about 500g

2. Size of drum: the size of the cylinder is 100mm / 150/120/100mm> * L320mm(national standard size)

3. Drum spacing: adjustable from 0.05 to 58m (0 to 0 can be achieved according to customer requirements)

4. Temperature: room temperature to 300 ℃

5. The temperature precision: plus or minus 2 ℃

6. Temperature control precision: + / - 1 ℃

7. Temperature controller: RKC temperature controller in Japan

8. Heating method: electrical heating

9. Roller speed ratio: 1:1.27(now fixed speed ratio)

10. Roller speed: 21:18r/min

Surface treatment of rollers: high hardness chrome plating

12. Roller material: SKD solid material

13. Safety device: reversing device, safety cover, emergency stop button

14. Motor: 1HP x 1 Taiwan city-state speed motor

15. Power: 7.5HP(approx. 5.5kw)

16. Power supply: 3 less, AC380V

17. Volume (W x D x H) : 1000 x 560 x <1150mm

18. Weight: 420kg>

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