Simple operation of small test rubber mill

1. Purpose: to test rubber mixing and release rubber sheet

2. Equipment: a small laboratory drill

3. Operation process Open the switch of the mixer, press the brake of the mixer, open the upper baffle, put the mixer between two rollers, lower the baffle, press and start when washing the car. During the whole process of car washing, hands should be placed in the middle and lower part of the roller, and the upper baffle should not be crossed. Adjust the proper roll distance and the distance between the left and right baffle according to your own rubber type. Put the rubber between two rollers and lower the upper baffle.

4. Press the brake, press the start button, and conduct film or mixing according to the process; During the whole process, the hand must not cross the upper baffle, in the drum lower part;

5. When the test is over, turn off the power. The whole process should pay attention to environmental protection and minimize dust pollution to the surrounding environment. After the experiment, the surrounding hygiene should be cleaned up. For safety, make sure all valve switches and power supply are switched off.

6. Maintain the equipment regularly, lubricate the joint bearings, and extend the service life of the equipment.

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