Notes for operation of twin screw extruder:
Date: 2018-09-06
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Notes for operation of twin screw extruder:

1. Open the general power supply, water source and the front cover before starting up, and check for leakage; Then start the power supply to set the required temperature of the material. In this process, preheat the equipment and adjust the screw speed to the "0 "position. The heating temperature is higher than the temperature of the remaining raw materials in the screw barrel (the heating temperature is the highest temperature between the residual materials in the screw barrel and the new experimental ingredients), the heating temperature is in place, and the new experimental ingredients are extruded slowly until there are no impurities in the mouth. The right temperature to adjust to the new experimental ingredients heating temperature stability (the first to use the new material melting point temperature is higher than the theory of 5 ~ 10 degrees), slow after joining new experimental material, the slow start screw, (inlet don't feed, feed and speed) after ten minutes slowly speed screw (feed acceleration) at the same time discharging mouth of the material - into the sink before observation material melt degree (with the hand can feel consistency, too thick can reduce temperature, not too thick can speed the extrusion speed appropriately dicing machine is consistent with the extrusion speed. Start the operation, slowly add the material, and then put the fast speed after discharge. The speed of the feeding motor shall be based on that there is no heap in the discharge hopper. It is strictly prohibited to open the equipment before the equipment reaches the melting point of materials, and the company is not responsible for the screw fracture.

2. The equipment will stop when the materials are basically delivered after the completion of the test, and it cannot idle for a long time, otherwise the screw rod will be damaged.

3. Turn off heating, power button and general power switch. The sequence is just the opposite of what it was on. At this point, the die head is cleaned, the temperature control of the die head is closed, the heat pipe and probe line are drawn, and the screw is unscrewed when the die head is at a temperature (pay attention to prevent hot stamping, open the front mold, remove the middle filter plate and clean the contact surface of the template. After cleaning the die head, if you want to clean the screw rod, you can add wax and low-density materials to clean the screw rod to start the slow extrusion. After cleaning, the die head is reinstalled, the screw is locked, and the heat pipe and probe line are installed.

Note: the faster the extrusion speed, the higher the temperature setting in each area

As soon as the speed increases, the temperature must be raised synchronously.

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