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  • 编号:BL-037
  • 简述:Use to detection the position of the toy to be possible touch whether exist hurt security shape poin

Tester correction procedure
■   Clockwise rotation loosen locking ring.
■   clockwise turn test hat, and make the red indicating lamp to shine.
■   anti-clockwise slowly turn test hat, until the indicating lamp put out.
■   Move front or back turn the test hat makes sure the indicating lamps just shine the accurate position.
■   Comparison the marked scale line of locking ring, align at the scale line of test hat. 
■   Anti-clockwise turn test hat 5 grid scale line (on hat the distance of between the two short line is one grid).
■   screw the locking ring, until close to tail hood.

Test procedure
Put the peak in the shape point test tank, grip the test and forcing the strength4.5N, examine the indicating lamp whether shining. If make the shape point tester vertical,  not forcing strength, then this tested object strength should be 4.5N(1LBS)。

Determination: if lamp is bright, then the object is off-test product, may think has shape point exist.
Conform to the standard:ASTM F963 4.8, EN71-1998 8.12, GB6675-2003 A.5.9, 16 CFR 1500.48。
Fitting: weight, the light bulb 2, a pair of battery.

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