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  • 编号:BL-6185
  • 简述:Foam force Rheometer is for determining the selected vulcanization characterisitics of rubber compou
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die’s configuration

 Sealed die type

 Unsealed die type

 Die character

 Isolate the die’s opening and frame by the sealed ring. The upper and lower die can be totally sealed.

 Be able to precisely adjust the gap  between upper and lower die freely.

 Temp. control

 Control by computer& PID.SSR

 Control range

 Room temp. 200℃

 Temp. accuracy

 Temp. error ±0.3℃,min. reading of temp. 0.1℃

 Speed of rising temp.

 Room temp. 190℃8

 Time for temp. change


 190℃175℃4' 50"

 Oscillation frequency

 100cpm1.66Hz),driven by servo motor

 Foam force

 P,11000kg selectable by auto-switching or manually setting

 Pressure unit

 N, dN, Kg, lb, N, N/m², kg/ cm², lb/ in²,kpsi

 Torque unit

 kgcm, lbin, Nm

 Min. reading of torque and pressure

 0.001 unit

 Oscillation amplitude

 ±0.5°, ±1°, ±2°, ±3°

 Time range

 Without limit; can be changed during test


 4.6kg/ cm²0.46MPAprepared by customer

 Specimen volume

 about 5 cm³

 Dimension  W×D×H

 Main unit: 630×570×1270 mm

 main unit: 660×660×1150 mm

 Dimension  W×D×H

 Computer desk: 600×650×1350mmincluding the printer


 Sealed die type: 285 kg

 Unsealed die type: 260 kg



 Equipped with

 Contain host engine and auxiliary engine: it has a 64computer of above 128MB  memory body, 15 inches color screen, above 30GB hard disc, a disc machine and tabulating machine.


A bar copper, a copper brush, a long nosed pliers, five fuses wises, tabulating machine paper 500, a adjustment pound, a piece of formula restore disc.

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