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  • 编号:BL-6177-A
  • 简述:This machine fits for the milling and processing experiments of engineering plastics, modified plast
  • 关联产品:L-6176
Screw diameter202530
 Ratio of length to diameter1:40freely choosing other ratio of length to diameter (10-30 times)
 Screw steeringsame parallel direction
 Screw revolution0-120rpm speed adjusted by frequency converting
 Screw barrel40CrNiMo chrome-molybdenum alloy special tool steel, the screw consists of feeding section, transmission section, compression section and mixing head, the level of nitride level 0.4-0.7mmnitride hardness: HRC55~60processed through chrome-plating, polishing and ultra precision honing
  Compound mode the combination type of the screw kit is spiral building block, the combination type of the machine barrel is split type
  Heating areaarea 4 of material barrel: mica heater, area 2 of machine head: heater, covered by the stainless steel wind cover
 Cooling deviceSoft water circulating cooling is adopted in the whole section of the charging barrel
 Deceleration boxtransmission decelerator and torque divider combine togetherparallel three-axiscompact structurestable transmission
  Electronic control systemAll process parameters are controlled and displayed by 
intelligent digital control instrument
 Complementary unitHandpiece changed quickly/Cooling water sink/
Particle cutting device
 Driving power2.2~4kw
 Power3.AC380V.50Hz three phase five wire
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